Urban Arts Festival, Salt Lake city, Utah 2021

C. Blue Art is your place to find art that is just right for your needs. We are here to meet your requirements.

We offer a large variety of paintings created by Cyndi Blue, an award winning artist from Idaho.

In 2021 Cyndi started to sell her hand painted glass as well as her canvas art. You can find these one of a kind items on her page http://www.qualityhandpaintedglass.com (coming soon, I promise)

Be sure to stop by the About the artist page to learn about Cyndi’s unique origin story.

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Here are a few testimonials from people that have hired Cyndi Blue to do personal commissions for their home or office.

“I wanted a painting that was about the business of life, in buildings, and outside the buildings our journey begins. For me, this painting is a member of my family. Everyday, I see my cityscape, and I think of the joy and life conveyed by Cyndi Blue. It sparks love and happiness for me!”

Emily Coulthard Boise, Idaho

“Cyndi has an amazing ability to creatively capture the essence of one’s intentions for artwork. The piece she created is alive with movement yet subtle with hidden details. Every time I look at my painting it’s like a new bit of treasure is being discovered! Thanks Cyndi for putting my thoughts (even if incomplete and uncertain) into a beautiful piece of art. It is perfect for my business and gets a lot of compliments and moments of awe and relaxation from my patients.”

Vibrant PT and wellness. Eagle, Idaho

“I wanted a piece of art that made me feel welcome in my space at work. Cyndi nailed it!”

Townsend and associates. Boise, Idaho
Restorative Health. Sandy, Utah

Rita Rutland Jordan, Utah